The Work Apostleship Holy Hearts of Jesus and of Mary was born in Pescara, thanks to volunteers, with the objective to broadcast the devoutness to the Holy Hearts of Jesus and of Mary through the religious practice of the "first nine Fridays and the first five Saturdays".

This lay association circulates in Italy, in Europe and all over the World, by ecclesiastical approval; every follower makes his contribution. We send, free of charge, all our printed material (pictures, “Il Notiziario”, our newspaper) to dioceses, parishes, religious institutions and to all other people.

These are Work Apostleship’s activities in the last years:


  • 4.800.000 sacred images printed, translated into 15 languages and broadcasted in 50 nations (little calendars, small record cards for the first Fridays and Saturdays of the month);
  • 85.000 copies sent of “Notiziario”, the newspaper of Holy Hearts, to 12.000 people who took out a subscription.



  • 670 quintals of foodstuffs
  • 6.000 articles of clothing
  • 830 pairs of shoes
  • 8 quintals of medicinals
  • L. 2.000.000 for flood victims


  • A cottage given in Kannanore Kerala (India plan of father Mario Pesce s.j.);
  • An ambulance given to African Mission of Missionary fathers of Faith;
  • L. 1.500.000 given to Missionary fathers to build a well in Brasil.


  • 120 parish animations (first Fridays and Saturdays)
  • 169 169 dioceses contacted
  • 3.025 priests provided
  • 687 religious foundations provided
  • 43 congregations contacted
  • 360 collaborators in Centre and North of Italy
  • 32 foreign collaborators
  • Many priests have rediscovered the devoutness to the Holy Hearts of Jesus and of Mary. Many families have been consecrated..

All the followers are steered by the father Raffaele Salerno O.M.I. and father Fulvio Di Fulvio: they are all volunteers, lays, they want to broadcast the devoutness to the Holy Hearts of Jesus and of mary, and they want to help poorest people for their needs.
With all those qualifications the activity of this foundation is getting better. At first it was a small group, now it is growing up and the new followers are young people above all. Some of them try to give an answer for the main questions concerning their life; others want to find a deeper faith or a better manner to serve God and the neighbour.
Not all young people are lucky: so our foundation is a centre of welcome too, where young people can find everything they need.
Besides dinamism of our followers, we can rely on the prayers of our Holy Father Jean Paul II who encourages our foundation to continue its activity; also the Archibishop of Pescara, Francesco Cuccarese, and his vicar, Vincenzo Amadio, like our activity. In Rome there was a meeting with Mother Teresa who wanted to know our organizers to thank them for the pictures and to estimate the value of our job. On 13th August 1996 we have gone to Missionary youth service (SER.MI.G.) in Turin, at “Arsenal of peace”, where Ernesto Olivero welcomed us and we gave him 30.000 pictures of Holy Hearts, translated into 14 languages.

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